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We are ready to help you evaluating your projects from the scratch through our wide network with Chinese manufacturers and component suppliers.



Our experience and expertise will lead your product to the best possible outcome in terms of material choice and parts regarding cost effectiveness. Our partners can offer different solutions.


You are searching for a special trading partner or a trustworthy manufacturer in China?

We can assist you in finding, contacting and evaluating the right partner for your business.


We can be your best trading partner for the Chinese market.

Through our outstanding experience in importing and exporting products from and to China, we have the right knowledge and connections to lead your product to success.

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Our vision for you

Our vision is to give European manufactuers and easy entrance into the Chinese market. Rather it is sourcing our selling, we can be your trusted partner or lead you to the right contact.

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Open horizons

We are working very closely with our well-established parent company Good-Link in China, represented in some of the most important cities in China. Through our wide network in China we are able to connect you with a large number of business partners and create opportunities.
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Base of success and services

The european door to China

No matter if you are planning to introduce a new product line to the Chinese market or need a manufacturing partner or component supplier – Good-Link will be your competent, reliable and trustworthy partner.

Our approach is first to understand your company philosophy and motivation to enter the Chinese market resulting into market entry strategy with an number of various options:

  • Full service solution – Good-Link China exclusively imports, warehouses and sells your products through the Good-Link network in China / Becomes your main importer to Europe
  • Good-Link becomes one of your distributors for the full or partial range of your products and a determined sales region in China
  • Consulting and Matchmaking with potential cooperation partners for your project, sourcing and quality management
  • Analyse of legal situation, importing conditions and research regarding market potential to explore your opportunities in the Chinese market

Experience & network

Competitive global advantages

Through our roots in China and Europe we combine the strengths of both worlds and have an eye on trends and changes in a very dynamic part of the world. During the past years the Good-Link Group was able to successfully trade more than 20 new products and found over 2000 customers who trust in our work. 
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