European medical components in China - a success story.

As prosperity increases, so does the demand for excellent medical care. The demand for high-quality medical technology in China is at an all-time high. Especially components and devices made in Europe are popular and in demand.

Two of our offices in China are dedicated to the distribution of medical components and devices, located in Shenzhen and Shanghai. Our colleagues are experienced in sales and have a wide network of customers on hand. Your project is our passion – we want to support local European manufactuers to enter the Chinese market and sell their products abroad. 

Best practice example

We support Mindray to handle the procurement from various European suppliers of components for their healthcare solutions. This includes the purchasing and shipping but also the communication and problem solving. One of these suppliers is Bösch Medical Technology. Acting as a cultural bridge, we facilitated discussions for a quality agreement and addressed stock and lead time considerations.

During an MDR audit at Bösch’s site, our team provided support throughout the audit and subsequent follow-up activities. We increased the communication quality and speed between all parties and let them focus on the key tasks which were in their responsibility. 

Goodlink was an exhibitor at CMEF in Shanghai, where we offered Bösch and other manufacturers the opportunity to showcase their products at our booth, resulting in numerous valuable leads. Additionally, we facilitated a visit for the managing director of Bösch to some potential customers in China, discussing technical details. 

Other success cases

The Goodlink Group supports various companies in China to handle their suppliers from Europe. Among these companies are Mindray, Zeiss, Fresenius, United Imaging, Microport and many more.

Goodlink in China is also the distributor of Sumitomo Electric and Sumitomo Wiring Systems, which is a great opportunity to introduce all kinds of components to Sumitomo’s wide customer network.