Goodlink has been active as a distributor in China since 2004 and is now represented in 4 cities with 70 employees. Since 2020, we have also been established in Germany and support companies in the procurement and distribution of their products between Europe and China. We offer a broad portfolio of possible production partners. 

With the support of Goodlink, you can obtain high-quality electronic accessories safely and easily from the Chinese manufacturer. This does not include dropshipping or purchasing from Alibaba. 
This is your channel to a reliable long term partnership. The Goodlink Germany GmbH takes care of communication, delivery, liability and payments.

We do not limit ourself to a fixed product portfolio with high storage cost, we rather offer you a competitive price by channeling your request directly to the manufacturer of the electronics devices.

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Goodlink on Amazon

Beside the direct B2B sales, Goodlink also offers a variation of products to Amazon customers.

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